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Chiaki Horie

Chiaki Horie
Flower and Table Coordinator
Food Instructor of Mille-Automne


Mass-Media Support with NHK and Fuji Television

Published Articles:
Articles published in local magazines: Housing, Marriage, Freedom and Thorns, Ibarabi, Puraza, Machico, and etc. (In Japanese(~住宅通信(現在休刊中)、マリッジ、Free、いばらび、月刊みと、ぷらざ、machico等~)

International Food Information (食・海外情報などコラム連載)

Professional Corporate Work (in random order)
Bridal seminars for wedding related businesses / Residential Interior Exhibition Lessons and Seminars / Store layout and presentation specifically for lacquer ware / Product Planning for tableware (special dining instruments, lacquer, silver products, etc.) / Car Show room display · Restaurant Renewal Productions / Nutritional Education Seminars for elementary, junior high, high school students and parents / Major participant at the NHK Culture Center, Mito / Floral design for hotel receptions and restaurants /· Professional floral display methods for wedding salons, nursing homes, company interiors, seminar events, and etc.

TALK・TCS Activities
Design leader/coordinator for the spring table setting exhibition at the Tokyu department store.
Osaka  OAP Lead table coordinator for New Year table setting in Kanto
Table coordinator screener for the Tokyo Dome Tableware festival
Assistant chief for TCS Koshinetsu Division (関東甲信越支部 副支部長)

Individual Professional Work
Private lessons for table setting, bridal arrangements and jewelry, custom/ creative table setting designs, and sales of high brand select products.



磯 真帆 (Maho Iso)
大内 広子 (Hiroko Ohuchi)
篠原 富恵 (Tomie Shinohara)


NHK Mito Division Culture Center Table Coordinator Assistant
Mini-Lectures held at the Eon Mito Uchihara Jusco Mall Table Setting
Ramanov table setting demo at select Mito grocery stores
Noritake Okura Garden Pottery Exhibition coordinators.
Lectures on table setting for weddings and honeymoons.
Table arrangement lessons at select bakeries in Mito City.
Table setting examples at the Hitachinaka city community center.
Table setting Exhibition at the Mito Keisei Department Store and Hitachi City Centennial School Festival.
Nutrition and diet education/ lessons for Ibaraki High Schools.

栗田 幹子 (Mikiko Kurita)
桜井 千恵子 (Chieko Sakurai)
鷺谷 秀子 (Hideko Sagiya)
安田 典子 (Noriko Yasuda)
青木 紀美枝 (Kimie Aoki)
郡司 恵子 (Keiko Gunji)
島崎 陽子 (Yoko Shimazaki)
松田 有子 (Yuko Matsuda)


Administered seminars for companies and schools specializing in commerce and industries.
Advised with display settings for table at select grocery store.
Participated in table setting exhibitions at the Mito Keisei Department store.


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