The Concept of Table Setting

The dining table is highly considered as a place of attaching and building connective bonds with family and friends.·· Add a teaspoon of food etiquette and manners, people of all ages including children can eat among each other with respect and bliss.

Over the years, table setting has had a significant importance towards revitalizing communities and businesses.

Therefore, to boost the quality standards of table setting in Japan, TALK-TCS (Table Coordinator Standards) , an NPO organization, was formed in 2003. TALK-TCS actively teaches people how to use proper table etiquette.


Table setting defined by professionals, does deal with just the placement of plates and utensils, it considerably deals with many factors such as: color, types of food and drinks, lighting (dim, bright, or color), types of flowers, and etc. Learning how to select the right settings for the table will  and harmonize the dining atmosphere anywhere and anytime.

With Mille-Automne, table coordinating lessons cover all table setting situations from formal dining to family dining. 

Education from Food History…
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Beauty, Discipline, Food, and Fullness.
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